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第一部分 企业概况 

Part One  Company Profile


As a wholly owned subsidiary of SINOTRUK , SINOTRUK Group Jinan Howo Bus Co., Ltd is a comprehensive bus manufacturer with 60 years experience in bus production targeting varied markets, ranging from road passenger bus, tourism, public transportation, groups, school bus to special-purpose vehicles.


With a national-level corporate technology centers and more than 100 senior engineers and technicians, the company  is capable in independent research and development, production and sales. The company has been persisting in forging high-quality bus products with quality guarantee, technical service assurance and overall cost advantage based on comprehensive quality control system and information management.


Howo Bus aims to establish China-based marketing and service networks  with a global view. Currently, our products have been exported to several countries and regions in America, South Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asia.

第二部分 坚强的后

Part Two Strong Support


Howo Bus Co., Ltd completely focuses on creating superior bus products with the support on the management and technology from  its parent company SINOTRUK.


China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd, as the cradle of China’s heavy duty truck industry,  made the first heavy duty truck in China. In 2009, with successful  strategic cooperation with German MAN Company, the company introduced the engine, axle and vehicle technologies from MAN, and manufactured vehicle products in accordance with the design philosophy and quality standard of MAN products.


SINOTRUK has a golden power industrial chain of world-class engine, clutch, transmission and drive axle, and its equipments has reached international level.


The chassis, management and technology of SINOTRUK enables products of Howo Bus  to have great potential and prospect. 

第三部分 工艺简介

Part Three  About Process


The key assembly:


The comprehensive adoption of MAN technology has uplifted the quality of Howo buses substantially. The service life of key assembly engine, transmission and axle has been prolonged significantly to an internationally advanced level.


All key parts of Howo buses come from  world-famous automobile parts enterprises: products from  German ZF, WABCO, Continental AG, Mann Hummel, American Handrickson have entered into Howo Bus plant, ensuring the reliability and the advantages in cost and service of the assemblies of Howo products. 


Chassis Production:


The bus chassis is the traditional advantages in SINOTRUK. In 1953, it became the first enterprise with the qualification of chassis manufacture. Now the bus truck chassis and heavy duty truck chassis share a same production line. With output of millions of chassis, the production line of heavy duty truck basis has been tested as quality assurance. 


Framework of body:


The adoption of specialized welded pipe for bus, 100% inspection of welding line, shot peening for whole bus, wax injection in cavities, skin rolling and contraction, cathode electrophoresis and other techniques ensure the overall anticorrosion and durability of vehicles.


Final Assembly Technique:


With interior products from the first-class domestic accessory companies, strict assembly techniques, craftsmanship in production and 15 quality gates, each bus is delivered to the customers as a piece of artwork. 


Product Inspection:


There are automatic vehicle inspection lines and shower test labs. 100% of vehicles will be inspected online and tested by showering.


Good techniques ensure the economical efficiency, reliability and comfort of Howo bus. 

第四部分 产品简介

Part Four  About Product


The Howo tour bus  made in SINOTRUK Howo Bus Company has large camber, small circular bead and liquid lines, full and elegant. Equipped with panoramic side window, the bus has a broad view and integrates with the natural scenery. Interior is equipped with luxury interior decoration and ergonomic seats of high reliability, spacious, comfortable and safe.


Howo tour bus is equipped with advanced MAN engine and reliable assembly parts. The product ranges from 8 m to 13.7 m in length with 16 to 78 seats.. All of these products meet the national emission standard, and even meet the Euro II-V emission standards both at home and abroad..


Howo tour bus may be equipped with front disc and rear drum brakes, anti-skid braking system, trip recorder, CD player system and other functional parts as required by the customer.


Integrating with the technologies of MAN engine, CAN bus and intelligent network control, the bus made in SINOTRUK Howo Bus Co., Ltd features wide passageway, great capacity and low fuel consumption.


Howo bus has adopted 8 intelligent controls, 9 anti-flaming measures and 10 security components to ensure the maximum safety of passengers. At present, Howo bus ranges from 8m to 18m in length, meeting Euro II-V emission standard. It has low floor, low entrance, three-step and other structures with the disc brake, eddy current retarder, guideboard, coin box and other functional parts available.


Based on the devoted researches on new energy core control technology in the national-level technology center of SINOTRUK and cooperation with top assembly suppliers of MAN company as well as scientific matching, Howo MAN-technology hybrid power bus series are launched with 6m electric logistic vehicle, business purpose vehicle, electric city buses with 6.6m, 8m, 10.5m and 12m types, and 11m purely electric group bus. Electric bus decreases in curb weight through the application of new materials and structure upgrade and its full charge durance reaches 450 km. Electric city bus refers to “dual-powered trolley bus” with line and power battery sources, efficient AC asynchronous special traction motor and high energy lithium-ion battery, which isstable and easy to drive.


The long-head national standard safe school bus series are launched after years of research on professional long-head school bus with national safety standard according to the new national standard of school bus. This series comprise three types of school buseswith 5.6m, 6.6m and 7.6m in length respectively. It is equipped with selected chassis parts, reasonable matching, streamlined design, special school bus “e” line management system and 15 safety assurances to ensure the safety of the passengers comprehensively.


With the SINOTRUK philosophy of “Forge high-quality products with dedication and contribute to the society with high quality products” and  incessant independent innovation as well as the concept of energy conservation and environment protection, Howo Bus Company continuously upgrades the design and techniques of its products, and is evolving into a famous brand enterprise in China’s bus industry.




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